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While influencer marketing has become ubiquitous, even the most experienced marketers struggle to create powerful, effective campaigns in extremely fast-changing environments. Further, consumers are growing tired of seeing the same content over and over in their feeds.

At TAKUMI, we are seeing a huge shift happening in how influencer creative is being created. When done well, influencer marketing is a powerful medium for branded creative to have depth and scale that achieves engagement, cuts through culture, drive impact and sparks conversations.

How and what should brands do to capitalize on the future of branded content? In this session, join TAKUMI’s Chief Strategy Officer, Jim Meadows uncover the evolving role of the creator and how to utilise creator collaborations to craft content to bridge the gap between brands and consumer audiences.
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  1. Understand how to execute culturally credible influencer marketing campaigns which have the right message tailored for all media platforms
  2. Why taking a creator-first approach is beneficial to forging successful collaborative relationships
  3. Learn how to select and collaborate with creators to bring the best out of influencer partnerships

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Jim Meadows Chief Strategy Officer Takumi

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