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In between the purchase trigger and the purchase itself, today's consumer is presented with a huge amount of information and choice across a complex web of touchpoints. We call that space the 'messy middle'. Through the application of behavioural science we propose an updated model of purchase decision making that codifies behaviour in this space. We then demonstrate how brand preferences can be either shifted, or disrupted entirely in the 'messy middle' in a simulated purchase environment.

The internet has transformed from a tool for comparing prices into a tool for comparing everything. The gap between trigger and purchase is now wider and more complex.

Following an extensive review behavioral science literature, we observed hundreds of hours of shopping behavior and concluded that whatever the shopper was doing in the complex space between trigger and purchase could be codified as one of two mental modes - exploration and evaluation. We present this behavior in an updated model of consumer decision making.

To understand how shoppers process the vast amount of information as they go back and forth between these modes, we carried out 310,000 simulated purchases. Using combinations of 6 different cognitive biases we were able to shift brand preference from the shopper’s favorite brand to their second favorite. We also applied the same treatment to 31 fictional test brands - depending on your perspective, the results will be either exciting, or rather scary. View Less

What You'll Learn from This Session...

  1. Ensure brand presence - simply showing up can impact customer decisions making when they are exploring and evaluating.
  2. Employ the principles of behavioural science intelligently (and responsibly) - Supercharge your brand and products to create instictive appeal for customers in the 'messy middle.'
  3. Close the gap between purchase trigger and purchase - help customer to navigate the 'messy middle' more efficiently and more effectively.

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Ali Rennie Research Lead - Search Google

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