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This year’s events have clarified — and in many ways, accelerated — trends that Gen Zs have been shaping for quite some time. In volume two of Spotify’s Culture Next report, we’re diving deeper into how this generation is taking the reins to rebuild society through technology, politics and culture-at-large. Join Spotify’s Lee Brown and Culture Co-Op’s Melissa Lavigne-Delville as they explore the key trends we uncovered and the ways marketers can build lasting relationships with the next generation.

For Culture Next 2020, we leveraged Spotify’s unique Streaming Intelligence and first-party data, alongside a combination of qualitative and quantitative analysis from research agency, Culture Co-op to uncover macro and micro trends in audio, as well as in broader culture. During this session, you’ll hear Spotify’s VP, Global Head of Advertising Business - Lee Brown in conversation with Culture Co-Op’s Founder & CEO - Melissa Lavigne-Delville on how Gen Zs are taking technology into their own hands to rebuild society from the ground up—and why these insights are critical for marketers hoping to connect with this generation. View Less

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  1. Insights into how Gen Zs engage with content and technology, shape our relationships with each other, and what is propelling culture forward
  2. How the events of 2020 have impacted Gen Zs and furthered their desire to rebuild society from the ground up
  3. How to create marketing strategies and creative campaigns to reach and engage this generation

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Lee Brown VP, Global Head of Advertising Business Spotify
Melissa Lavigne-Delville Founder & CEO Culture Co-op

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