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Join the Leadership Luncheon presented by Acxiom and enjoy a thought leadership discussion, networking in breakout rooms and a special afternoon treat.

Data continues to transform marketing and advertising. Research is showing there is a huge opportunity around data-driven media, creative, customer service, measurement and more. The potential is there but what will it really take to turn it to reality. What does it take to deliver this shift, transforming a brand’s ability to better understand its customers, to deliver better experiences and better results for the brand? What are the big barriers to break down.This panel will discuss the opportunities and benefits to brands bringing real life examples of those leading the way. Moderated by Jed Mole, CMO, Acxiom, you will hear from executives from American Express, Starcount and Kinesso.

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Jed Mole Chief Marketing Officer Acxiom
Rowena Humby Chief Executive Officer Starcount
Geoff Copps Managing Partner, Head of Data, UK Kinesso
Sue Unerman Chief Transformation Officer MediaCom

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