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The sharp rise in conversation around toxic masculinity has encouraged many brands to re-think about how they engage and build connections with their audience.

What does modern masculinity look like today, and how can brands help redefine its place in society? How can they change cultural narratives? And transform their business, products and services along with their audience to stay relevant?

In a conversation with VC Marketing Director and VMLY&R Creative Director, we learn about how brands can lead difficult conversations and help tackle taboo subjects amid a global cultural revolution. View Less

What You'll Learn from This Session...

  1. Why is it important for advertisers to explore taboo topics?
  2. How can brands navigate around a turbulent cultural landscape to better engage their audience?
  3. What did the brand and its agency learn along the way?

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Tamryn Kerr Creative Director VMLY&R
Rob Elliott Marketing Director Upjohn UK/Pfizer

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Track  Diverse Minds