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We know there is a problem, but have you, personally done anything to help fix it?

Since the murder of George Floyd on March 25th, we have seen the Black Lives Matter movement have a profound effect on (what appears to be) more people that ever before.
Those who never felt the need to talk about race in the workplace until now, are realising the importance of anti-racism and want to know how they can be an ally to people of colour.

If we want that moment to become a long term movement positively impacting our work and our world, then we need white people, those of us not of colour, to become allies and be anti-racist in their actions and behaviours.

This workshop aims to support you to do that and remind you that if you haven’t already, you can become an ally right now, it’s not too late to start.

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Elaine dela Cruz Co-Founder Project 23
Gary Rayneau Co-Founder Project 23
Hayley Bennett D+I Consultant

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