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Until recently, many advertisers looked to third-party audience data to create a digital profile that allowed for precision targeting and performance measurement across their ad campaigns. However, due to stricter data privacy regulations and the decision by most web browsers to sunset the use of third-party cookies, there is a universal shift away from third-party audience targeting. So where does this leave advertisers looking to target and optimize their campaigns to relevant, highly engaged audiences?

In this session, we’ll tackle the issue of driving performance in the age of privacy, answering questions such as:

-- What role does quality play in driving performance?
-- How do we make sure we reach audiences who will be receptive to our product and messaging?
-- What privacy-friendly data signals do we have that might be more likely to drive performance KPIs?
-- There’s so much data! Which data signals really matter?
-- How are other advertisers getting creative in how they solve these issues?

You’ll leave this session with fresh strategic ideas about how to drive performance, what metrics matter, and what the future of targeting and measurement looks like. View Less

What You'll Learn from This Session...

  1. Identify the challenges and opportunities in driving performance in today’s privacy-regulated advertising ecosystem.
  2. Learn how industry leaders are navigating the ever-changing digital landscape through updated solutions like custom contextual targeting.
  3. Understand how modern marketers are approaching measurement and quality solutions for emerging media platforms.

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Dan Slivjanovski Chief Marketing Officer DoubleVerify
Anuj Dahiya Global Digital Media Lead Mondelez International

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