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What happens when a brand hands over creative control? In the intimate environment of podcasts, giving creators the freedom to talk about your brand in their own voice unlocks a level of authenticity and resonance unlike any other medium.

Acast, the world's biggest podcast company, and Dan Snow, from the UK's most successful history podcast History Hit, discuss podcasting as a new creative frontier and how advertisers can get involved.

This Q&A with Dan Snow (Host of the Dan Snow's History Hit) and John Harris (Acast), explores the creative possibilities the medium of podcasting offers, and provides brands & advertisers with insights into how working with podcasters can deliver their commercial messaging so effectively to engaged audiences.

They'll be discussing the democratic nature of podcasting and how this gives creators freedom that doesn't exist in traditional media. How publishers are able to push the boundaries on new ideas and formats through on-demand audio, and the rise of new formats in podcasting. And how brands have an opportunity to speak directly into the ears of potential customers by creating meaningful campaigns collaborating with podcasters. View Less

What You'll Learn from This Session...

  1. How podcasts are giving creators, publishers and advertisers creative freedom unlike any other medium
  2. Hear about how podcasting has evolved and the ever-changing formats being developed.
  3. Discover the different ways to work with podcasters and advertise your business

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Dan Snow Host of Dan Snow's History Hit
John Harris Content Partnership Coordinator Acast

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