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Learn first-hand from Microsoft Advertising’s Senior Market Intelligence Researcher, Kelli Kemery in how she designed a groundbreaking study using psychology and overcame hurdles to pave the way to inclusive advertising insights.

She’ll reveal the methodology to uncover the psychological mechanisms operating within Generation Z when experiencing inclusion and how it relates to advertising impact. Learn how the study reveals the meaning of inclusion and the implications for brands. This is your chance to get a window into Kelli’s approach to research design for inclusive advertising by applying psychological theories and methodologies, that resulted in, The Psychology of Inclusion and the Effects in Advertising Whitepaper and Microsoft Advertising’s Marketing with Purpose playbook. View Less

What You'll Learn from This Session...

  1. Why pursue inclusive advertising research for your brand
  2. How to apply inclusion principles and psychology to marketing research
  3. Key inclusive advertising insights any brand can start applying now, like the meaning of inclusion in advertising and more.

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Kelli Kemery Market Researcher Microsoft

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