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If you want positive things to come out of internet technology, they have to be deliberately engineered that way.” Those were the words of Pinterest’s founder and now we’re saying - the same goes for Adland.
After a year that has changed our industry beyond all recognition, meet the leaders reshaping the future and their vision for what a more diverse, inclusive and positive Adland means for consumers and culture at large.

What You'll Learn from This Session...

  1. Skills of the future
  2. What purpose-driven leadership looks like in 2020
  3. Learning and adapting to change

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Milka Kramer UK Country Manager Pinterest
Suki Thompson Founder & CEO Let's Reset
Nafisa Bakkar Co-founder and CEO Amaliah
Lauren Ogúndèkó Head of Response / Resolution Media & Board Director PHD UK

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Track  Craft & Creativity