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As we create a new work office / work home / life balance...the events of 2020 have changed how we do business for good, it’s given us new ways of working to adapt to and accelerated the need for better workplace wellbeing.

Now is the time to build your own resilience, as we return to a new working pattern, be it in the office, at home, returning from furlough or a mixture of all three.

This workshop will provide you with the vocabulary to have 'mental health conversations' with yourself, friends and family during this new transition as we learn to live in the COVID-19 world. Using visuals from the book Let’s Reset, we will give you tips and tools to help you think about your own resilience, wellbeing and how to turn your anxiety into better performance.

Learn how to build your resilience to embrace the new ways of working, while engaging effectively with your colleagues, family and your boss all at the same time.

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Suki Thompson Founder & CEO Let's Reset
David Beeney Mental Health Expert

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