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Digital marketing is fundamentally broken. It is the solution to every business challenge. Marketing automation will fix any process. Leads flow through. Quantity trumps quality. Long sales cycles keep the truth in the shadows. Marketers celebrate strong quarters, while sales partners are frustrated.

The customer is lost.

Arbitrary digital marketing damages brand, business and your customers. This episode will explore where marketers have gone wrong and how we can be prepared for the Future of Digital Marketing.

Björn Radde is an international speaker, author, and the Head of Digital Marketing at T-Systems. E-Commerce obsessed digital native, digital innovator and influential leader who drives revenue, profit, and operational performance from a customer-centric perspective. View Less

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  1. The challenges digital marketers face today
  2. How COVID-19 has forced a digital revolution
  3. What's next for digital marketing

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Grace MacDonald Content Marketer LinkedIn
Björn Radde Head of Digital Marketing T-Systems

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