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OMD has built a reputation for innovative approaches to helping increase agility with our clients. The pressures of the coronavirus have provided an opportunity to forge new tools and approaches that have helped us deliver better decisions, faster when they are needed most. Join us for a close look at some of what has been developed, from rapid planning and intelligence gathering to groundbreaking quantitative methods for deciding when and where to pause social media and other channels in the face of content of concern.

Hear from OMD’s experts in the UK and USA on how the agency’s Fast Start Suite is using market signals to help brands navigate their recovery. We will explore sector insights to demonstrate how the power of data and network collaboration gives brands invaluable data to predict trends, support decisions authentically and empathetically, and advertise accordingly. View Less

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  1. A look behind the curtain at tools developed and used at OMD to track and navigate rapid change
  2. Hear how scenario planning has taken on a new dimension, with the need to create plans for untold market scenarios. How will cancellable media affect Christmas planning? What is the “new normal” on long-term planning?
  3. A close look at the quantitative decision support approach OMD uses to help brands decide when and how to shut off investment in given channels in the face of platform issues like hate speech or disinformation

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Jean-Paul Edwards Chief Product Development Officer OMD
Israel Mirsky Global Head of Technology & Emerging Platforms OMD

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