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Brand suitability has become an important consideration for brands and agencies in 2020. Quality journalism drives superior engagement and attention amongst consumers, but brands want to ensure that they’re not placing ads next to stories of ‘current tragedy’. New technologies have emerged to help navigate digital content, yet old errors persist. Join Mike Hemmings, head of EMEA insights, for a discussion of why one such method - blocking content based on the presence of keywords - can cost your campaign dearly.

With everything happening in the world this year, journalism is more vital than ever for a thriving democracy. Yet in order for this important work to realise its full commercial potential, brands need to feel comfortable advertising alongside this content, which can present bespoke brand suitability challenges.

Every brand is unique, so marketers need to decide the type of content they are comfortable having their messaging appear alongside. Advanced technologies have emerged to help marketers navigate this digital challenge, however there remains a tendency amongst digital practitioners to over rely on an old methodology for avoiding content: keyword blocking. Keyword blocking is an overly simplistic, reach-depleting technique that inspects content for the presence of specific words and then blocks any content that may contain them. This approach costs marketers money, encumbers their campaign reach, and worst of all, is ultimately ineffective at keeping their brand safe. View Less

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  1. Attendees will learn the costs of keyword blocking in terms of reach, relevance, and ultimately money.
  2. They will be presented with newer, more effective frameworks for ensuring brand suitability.
  3. And they will be exposed to the ways in which smarter technology in the realm of brand safety can help drive awareness of key societal issues.

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Mike Hemmings Head of EMEA Insights Oracle Data Cloud

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