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Metaverse" has been attracting attention as an emerging platform after SNS, following the name change to "Meta" by Facebook, Inc. In particular, the metaverse derived from gaming platforms has already been established as a place where users spend their time, and the time people spend in the metaverse is expected to increase at an accelerating pace. Given such situation, some corporate brands are already trying to enter into communication with consumers in the metaverse. In this session, we will discuss “What brands can do "now" with the metaverse?” with Mr. Makoto Kanabayashi, the leader of the "XRX Studio" project, who has been leading business development and client work in the XR (generic term for VR, AR, MR, etc.) and metaverse domains at Dentsu Inc. and Riku Akimoto, country manager of Stylus, a global research firm that provides research services on innovation trends to companies. We will cover topics like basic discussion of "What is the Metaverse? “, the introduction of case studies in Japan and overseas, and the concrete next steps for brands to enter the metaverse.

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Soichiro Tanaka CEO GeekOut K.K.
Makoto Kanabayashi Experience Design Technologist / Producer DENTSU INC.
Riku Akimoto Country Manager Stylus Japan

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