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The Metaverse is now in the spotlight. New communication and living value in virtual space are about to be born. In addition to such VR (Virtual Reality), XR (Cross Reality) technology including AR (Augmented Reality) and MR (Mixed Reality) is expanding the interface surrounding consumers. In response to this trend, hakuhodo-XR is pioneering various initiatives from research and development to creative and implementation.

Among them, one of the keys is the consumer's avatar. Avatars will become more and more important for you to live your own way, going back and forth between real and virtual. This time, we will explore the business potential of 3D avatars while introducing examples of the prototype "Jibun Runway", a fitting service that utilizes 3D avatar technology.

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Noriyuki Ozaki hakuhodo-XR /Creative Director Hakuhodo Inc.
Yuto Nakajima Experience Planner Hakuhodo Inc.
Taichiro Kiyosue EVP, Head of Marketing VRC inc.

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Track  Future of Content