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In the "SDGs Action Plan 2022" announced by the Government of Japan toward the achievement of the target for 2030, it is stated at the beginning that "SDGs have penetrated into corporate management." In other words, companies are required to move to the stage of launching specific measures. Under such circumstances, what is the status of "gender and generation matter", which are important aspects of achievement for both companies and individuals, and what should we recognize?

While grasping various movements of the above, we will look for clues to the solution while focusing on the media and advertising industry and stepping into specific issues. This session is a hint to overcome the current situation where diversity = diversity is questioned by the organization, but it is difficult to make progress. View Less

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Sachiko Habu Media Producer, Author
Mayumi Morinaga R&D Director of Institute of media enviroment Hakuhodo DY Media Partners Inc.
Ryo Maeta Editor in chief of C-station Kodansha LTD.

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