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The Hakuhodo DY Group's creative business covers a wide range of fields, including not only digital performance creative fields, but also mass media such as television, owned media, content, and SNS fields. In addition to pursuing business efficiency such as cost-effectiveness, we are also pursuing every day from the perspective of how it will remain in the hearts of consumers who see creativity. On the other hand, in recent years, creative work has become more personalized, and the amount of work has increased sharply in the premise of high-speed PDCA.

This time, the Hakuhodo DY Group will promote DX and automation of creative work in response to the above flow with the power of technology, and by establishing a work environment and work style that can demonstrate higher quality creativity, the Group will be able to do it. In order to lead the social implementation of creative x technology, we have launched beat, a cross-group research and development organization.
In this session, we will introduce beat's activity policy and vision, the service solutions currently launched, and the possibility of new work styles in creative production using technology in the future.

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