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The speed of technological innovation globally is accelerating, and new technologies are making rapid progress. The number of foreign technology companies/solutions that are valuable to Japanese companies are increasing. However, the unique business habits and language make entry barriers high. As a result, tech companies are choosing other countries/markets due to faster initial growth.

In this uncertainty, it is necessary for Japanese companies to adopt advanced technologies in order to accelerate and grow their business.

In this session, we will focus on the dilemma of innovation in Japan based on DAS K.K.’s achievement/method. DAS has produced a total JAPAC entry package for several foreign tech companies such as NATIVE OCEAN and Brave.

We'll a solution for this dilemma with Mr. Aoki, who has lead business development support & investment projects for foreign tech companies, and Mr.Okayasu, who has carried out digital consultation to global clients (auto manufacturer, food-service industry, foreign insurance, etc.). This will be moderated by Ms.Serizawa, who believes in the potential of SNS, and has led a start-up SNS marketing company to IPO. View Less

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Keigo Aoki Dentsu Innovation Initiative, Executive Director Dentsu Group Inc.
Yoshiki Okayasu Digital Marketing Division, Head of Digital TBWA HAKUHODO Inc.
Miki Serizawa

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