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In this era when digital advertising is at the forefront of the industry, have you ever felt that advertising is becoming rough or outrageous? To create an emotional relationship between companies/services and users, it is essential to have the right media planning in mind.

Let's think about how should advertisements be in order to lead advertising to a more interesting future. The key to that is to create "pleasant advertising". Even if we pour all our energy into working out great strategies and creatives, the ads will not touch any user's heart if we do not work closely with the media that serve as contact points with the users.

In this session, we invite top leaders from Abema and TikTok, media that are leading the current trends, to discuss the ideal ways of advertising.

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Katsumasa Kishioka Director CARTA COMMUNICATIONS Inc.
Riku Yamada Managing Executive Officer / Head of Business Development Department CyberAgent, Inc. / AbemaTV, Inc.
Chiaki Tamura Senior Director, Global Business Solutions, Japan TikTok for Business Japan

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