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As building long-term relationships with customers becomes the key to business growth, brands must be embodied in every experience on customer journey, rather than in short-term mass advertising campaign based on conventional image strategies. Furthermore, with social context increasing the complexity, brands themselves are required to make more fundamental changes, including purpose redefinition. What role can creativity play in such an age of change?
In this session, Masaya Asai, Chief Creative Officer of Droga5 Tokyo, the Japanese base of Droga5, one of the world's most innovative creative agencies, and Takahiro Uchinaga, Growth & Strategy Lead of Accenture Song, who has been realizing organizations’ transformation driven by experience, discuss the possibilities brought by collaboration of diverse professionals such as creators and consultants, and its business value. Join us to reimagine creators, who are not limited to marketing and advertising and cross borders.

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Masaya Asai Chief Creative Officer Droga5 Tokyo
Takahiro Uchinaga Song Growth & Strategy Lead Japan, Managing Director Accenture Song

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