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Web 3.0 - a web environment that builds identity around digital assets based on the concept of SSI, which manages access and ownership of data in a self-sovereign manner - will soon arrive in Japan.

Web 3.0 is also called "skater culture" because of its opposing views on centralized social structure and the cutting out of middlemen by vested interests. But the essence of Web 3.0 is the multi-layered business structure from the application layer to the protocol layer.

The difficult choice for brands today is whether to continue the traditional Web 2.0 type of business that cohabitates with platforms, or to seek a new Web 3.0 type of business that is platform-independent and does not involve a third party as a trust anchor.

So how can Web 3.0 change society? Two people from Dentsu Innovation Initiative, the R&D sector of the Dentsu Group, who are engaged in R&D and business development activities in this area, will present their hypotheses on the impact of Web 3.0, the path of social transformation, and its influence on individual learning and living styles. They will also discuss their hypotheses on the impact on advertising and marketing based on hints from these transformations.

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Junichi Suzuki Producer DENTSU GROUP INC.
Hiroshi Ogawa Chief Director DENTSU GROUP INC.

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