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How well do you know about Gen Z, which is at the center of the trend and is the catalyst for it? In this session, we will discuss which has produced trendy content in various media, and Simeji, a keyboard app with a cumulative total of over 50 million DL, in which half of the users are in Generation Z, the characteristics of Gen Z and the content that Twin Planet.

We will talk about user communication that holds down the "input screen" that is the initial action of smartphones, user behavior seen from the questionnaire of about 800 Gen Z people, and actually invite creators to talk about contents and trends.

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Zui Kasiwazaki Product Planning & Development Department Manetize Team Leader Baidu Japan Inc.
Daiki Irikawa HANAHANA Project Manager TWIN PLANET Co., Ltd
Shun Oshima Multi-talented influencer
Yami-chan (Ayami Isshiki) Beauty Creator

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Track  Future of Content