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Thanks to the generous support of our clients, ZEFR has grown rapidly over the past year, supported by 17 certified partners who have helped us to reach an increasing number of advertisers. In addition, ZEFR has been increasingly adopted and utilized by advertisers in the Japanese market as well as the global market because of its "contextual targeting" feature, which enables ZEFR to capture user moments without relying on cookies in an environment where the use of cookies is increasingly limited. ZEFR features "contextual targeting," which does not rely on cookies and can capture user moments.
In addition, there is a growing corporate awareness of "brand safety" to avoid the risk of displaying advertisements in inappropriate content that may damage the brand and ensure safety. Many of the companies currently using ZEFR are concerned about whether their advertisements are reaching users correctly..." "We are starting a new video advertising business and want to spend our advertising budget on appropriate content," and other issues before implementing ZEFR. ZEFR has been selected as a solution.
In order to encourage more companies to introduce ZEFR and to ensure effective advertisement distribution, we are releasing data on the amount of money spent over the past year, trends in companies that have introduced ZEFR, and usage ratios.

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Kenny Nakashima Executive Officer/Product Solution Div. Legoliss Inc.
Miri Yoshida Product Solution Business Account Manager Legoliss Inc.

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