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Brave, the next generation browser for the Web 3.0 era has grown its user base to over 50 million monthly active users globally and almost 2 million users in Japan since the launch of version 1.0 in November 2019.  As a result of Brave blocking all scrips that collects personal information without users consent, all traditional ads are blocked on Brave browser.

In this session, together with guest speaker Mr Fukuyoshi at SAPPORO BREWERIES LIMITED who has experience in brand communications at multiple brands for the past 25 years, we will discuss the potential of Japan reaching over 50% in ad blocking rate and the importance of “zero party data” and “Brave Privacy Ads” in such environment.

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Hiroshi Shimase CEO Brave Software Asia K.K.
Kei Fukuyoshi Senior Media Pranning Manager SAPPORO BREWERIES LIMITED

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