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In 2021, the fact that Internet advertising expenditures in Japan exceeded the total of four mass media advertising expenditures made headlines. While Internet advertising is growing rapidly, many say that TV is declining. On the other hand, there is a movement to reevaluate the value of television, with many emerging services in the TV commercial domain starting around 2020.

With the rise of Internet advertising, has television really lost its value? Through a conversation between Atsushi Tamura - who has been active at the forefront of television for about 30 years since the 1990s - and Yoshiaki Hirao - who has been objectively measuring the value of media using data science - discover the true value of TV advertising, which has been hidden from the public, and the changes that may occur in the television industry in the future. View Less

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Yoshiaki Hirao CEO XICA CO., LTD.
Atsushi Tamura Entertainer YOSHIMOTO KOGYO CO., LTD.
Norihiko Sasaki CEO PIVOT CO., LTD.

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