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The original metaverse space, "Virtual AKIBA World," is being worked on through a business alliance between JR East, jeki, and HIKKY.

Since its debut on March 25, 2022, many users have visited, but the result is that the site inflow from the monument installed at the actual Akihabara station is overwhelmingly larger than Twitter and digital advertisements.

We strongly feel the potential of the real world, and at the same time, we feel the endless potential of the creation of new experience value of "Real x Metaverse."

JR East has assets with overwhelming power, such as stations and vehicles. While successfully linking these real assets and the Metaverse, they are working on various measures with the aim of creating new experience value and new business models that other players cannot do.

JR East Group wants to realize new value by maximizing the strengths of both the real and the virtual, while also creating an everyday Metaverse as a place for living infrastructure and social exchange. They are working on various ways to realize this. This session will show their current concepts and efforts in this space. View Less

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Yasushi Ichihara Life-Style Business Development Headquarters Deputy General Manager East Japan Railway Company (JR EAST)
Yasushi Funakoshi CEO HIKKY
Kentarou Mitsutomi Deputy Director JR East Marketing & Communications,Inc. (jeki)
Shinji Naoi Director JR East Marketing & Communications,Inc. (jeki)

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