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A professional boxer’s punch speed is said to be faster than 50km per hour. They switch from offense to defense and back in less than a second. A split-second decision determines victory. A world-class athlete needs to master an astronomical number of skills, including: punching power, agility, strategy, among others. In order to build a strong body and improve skills, they must endure unimaginably intense physical training. However, to keep fighting formidable rivals, there is one thing that a boxer must always have ― a tough unbreakable mindset.

In a recent match with Gennady Golovkin, Ryota Murata showed us “the spirit of always moving forward.” How did he develop such a mindset?

In this must-watch keynote session, we will interview Ryota Murata, who fought from the soul, about his mindset before and during the legendary match.

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