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TV remains a dominant source of media consumption in Japan, but is it really true for all demographics? While TV may still be very influential in Japan, we should also consider how the media consumption habits of Gen Z and Millennials are vastly diverse.

In this panel session, we will delve into the media consumption behaviours of young adults and their attitudes towards advertising, together with our special guests from Nielsen Digital and Sendenkagi.

What You'll Learn from This Session...

  1. How are young adults (18-34 yo) diversifying their media consumption
  2. Young adults’ attitudes towards advertising
  3. The role of live streaming in this digital world and why people gather on live streams
  4. Twitch: The interactive live streaming service where millions come together every day to create unique and unpredictable experiences

Presented with


Yu Taniguchi Editor in Chief, SENDENKAIGI SENDENKAIGI Co., Ltd.
Jon Anderson Head of Twitch Advertising Sales (Japan) Amazon Japan G.K.
Shiro Takagi Sales and Analytics Manager Senior Analyst Nielsen Digital Co., Ltd.

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Track  Future of TV