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We have learned many lessons as we address COVID-19. Various changes have been made in the workplace, including digitalization, remote work, and work style reform. We have also made progress in information dissemination by the government.

On March 3, 2020, when the number of new cases per day remained below 10 in Tokyo, the Tokyo Metropolitan Government launched the COVID-19 Information & Resources website with the aim of disseminating accurate information from a single source.

The website was created within the framework of “civic tech” (an initiative in which citizens proactively collaborate with government and use technology to solve social issues and improve the convenience of their daily lives). Information including the number of new COVID-19 cases is updated daily, can be displayed chronologically, and viewed easily on a digital dashboard. We have received feedback from many people around the world and have worked hard to revamp the system. We have also made the program source code available on GitHub for free, and other municipalities have used it to build similar websites.

This session will share the key to good service design, OSS (Open Source Software), and above all, create an environment for collaboration with civic tech through the COVID-19 Information & Resources website. View Less

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Satoshi Ogiwara Senior Director for Service Developments, Strategy Division, Bureau of Digital Service The Tokyo Metropolitan Government

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