Shogo Ikeuchi

After joining Recruit Co., Ltd. (currently Recruit Holdings Co., Ltd.) in 1988, Shogo Ikeuchi spent his first two years working on a supercomputer project. He subsequently worked in the Corporate Planning and Recruitment Advertising Departments before transferring to the Human Resources Department in 1993. There he was involved in the design of the company’s personnel management system. From 2000, he worked at the Office of Corporate Planning, where he engaged in the formulation of mid- and long-term growth strategies, promoted new business development, and facilitated overseas business expansion with a focus on Asia. He subsequently was in charge of corporate planning and human resources as an Executive Officer, a role which he assumed in 2005 and which contributed to Recruit’s overseas business expansion and R&D efforts. After being appointed Corporate Executive Officer and Board Director in 2012, he was based in New York as Representative Director of Recruit USA, Inc. from January 2014 through the end of March 2016. In April 2016, he assumed the positions of Senior Managing Corporate Executive Officer and Board Director and has been in charge of human resources and general affairs.