Jun Kamo

・BSc (Information Science), The University of Tokyo
・Master of Computer Science (specialized in AI), The University of Illinois at Urbana–Champaign
Joined Dentsu Inc.
 - in charge of Intel, Microsoft and Apple to expand Japanese market
 - established Digital Communications Lab at Dentsu USA, Chief Strategist
After leaving Dentsu
・Founded Harmonic Communications Inc. supported by Marc Andreessen and Michael Moritz,
Mark Kvamme from Sequoia Capital in Silicon Valley, Vice President of Asia Pacific region,
President of Japan branch
・Director of strategic division of PwC Consulting(Formerly BearingPoint)
 - established Marketing Excellence Group
・NPO, Business for Social Responsibility(BSR), Senior advisor
・MBA lecturer of Saint Paul‘s University (marketing/CSR/Branding)
・Founder and CEO of CMO Worldwide Inc.
・Founder and CEO, Association of CDO Club Japan