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Since Instagram’s inception in 2010, the service has evolved based on people's changing needs and community trends. This session will be a good summary of the latest Instagram trends & insight that will show you the audiences you can reach on Instagram and how they're tapping into their interests.

There are 3 key points to why people love Instagram in Japan, where the monthly active accounts have exceeded 29 million. We will share with you the unique culture of Instagram with actual examples.

Instagram community has grown to 1 billion monthly active accounts globally and 29 million in Japan. It has grown to become an essential part of daily life for the Japanese people on Instagram. For example, 1 out of 5 people log on to Instagram the moment they wake up, and 20% of Instagrammers search on Instagram everyday. Also, we have continuously launched products to meet community needs, such as Feed, Stories, IGTV, Shopping and other features that had been adopted rapidly. Japan is an important market for Instagram - we made an announcement that an Instagram product team will be established in Japan, which would be the first outside of US, and we project that Instagram community will grow further in Japan. View Less

What You'll Learn from This Session...

  1. Instagram latest trends and insights
  2. 3 unique points why Instagram is loved
  3. How to leverage Instagram for business growth

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Omi Suzuki Head of Vertical Facebook Japan
Asumi Takebayashi Client Solutions Manager Lead Facebook Japan

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