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Expressing ourselves visually has been core to who we are as people for as long as we've existed. Instagram is the modern home of visual expression. With 1B monthly active accounts globally and 30M in Japan, Instagram is empowering many people by giving more ways to express themselves.

Through latest case studies of businesses leveraging Instagram for their visual storytelling, this session will walk through creative tips to raise brand awareness, connect with fans, and build your presence on Instagram.

Stories is growing rapidly and has reached 500M daily active accounts. It's full-screen ephemeral format has enabled people to casually post their daily moments. With filters, stickers, and text overlays, we have allowed people to play with interactivity and augmented reality. We most recently introduced IGTV, which is also a full-screen format, but enables long-form video sharing. This evolution has a profound influence for you as a marketer because we can continuously help you reach your audience in fresh and engaging ways. View Less

What You'll Learn from This Session...

  1. Trends on Instagram Creative
  2. Fundamentals on new creative formats, including Stories
  3. Tips on how to build awareness with Instagram Creative

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Shugo Kuriyama Creative Strategist Facebook Japan

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