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Digital reshaped our lives, and it continues to transform companies and disrupt industries. The consumer journey has only increased in complexity. And even though marketers have access to more digital data, they struggle to separate signal from noise. Those who incorporate meaningful marketing metrics into their attribution models will come out on top. Join IAS to learn more about how small changes in your data strategy today will shape future investments in the wild, wild west of the digital landscape.

True attribution is extremely difficult to perform. For digital ads to make an impact, they have to be seen. Not just served. Since a significant number of online conversions attributed to impressions are not actually seen by a real human, campaigns are left with inaccurate attribution models.
The value an ad delivers when it is viewed for 1-2 seconds versus 30-40 seconds is an essential dimension for fully understanding a campaign. We’ll discuss how IAS uses consumer exposure as the key metric that advertisers can use to create more effective, outcome-driven digital campaigns than ever before. We’ll talk about how to measure, identify, and prescribe the optimal media exposure time for consumers that will lead to better ad recall while making sure the ads are being served to real humans and minimize waste across media partners and placements. View Less

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  1. What can ad verification do for you?
  2. It's not just about elliminating negative effect.
  3. Learn how ad verification can contribute to your digital investment ROI

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Takeshi Yamaguchi Senior Account Executive / Evangelist Integral Ad Science Japan KK
Shintaro Muraoka Manager, Media Communication Nestle Japan Ltd
Takuya Ogawa Manager Japan Airlines Co.,Ltd

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