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There are many things you should process to do to avoid being a disliked advertisement.
I would like to discuss with you about the global standards and the Japanese standards of ad verification at this presentation.In addition, we should ultimately secure brand safety and lead to an effective advertisement. To realize what is the user's main concern of the advertisement when they are reaching it and how user feel. In above of advertisement, we also would like to discuss with you to have perspective of ad experience.

What You'll Learn from This Session...

  1. Capable of grasping the difference between the global standard and the Japanese standard in ad verification
  2. Understand your thoughts on ad verification from a vendor, platformer or advertiser perspective
  3. You can think of what a good ad experience is for users

Presented with


Daisuke Takahashi COO popIn Inc. 
Eriko Matsuda Digital & Brand Marketing Group Lead Microsoft Japan
Kamimura Yusuke Chief Business Officer iProspect Japan
Yu Taniguchi Editor in Chief, SENDENKAIGI SENDENKAIGI Co., Ltd.
Takeshi Yamaguchi Senior Account Executive / Evangelist Integral Ad Science Japan KK

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Event Type Seminar