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As consumer behavior continuously evolves and the media landscape is increasingly fragmented, understanding effectiveness has become the highest priority for marketers. The key to unlocking the secrets of effectiveness is measurement. This panel of leading measurement experts will explore how they have unlocked growth across their client and their businesses through the use of incrementality measurement unlocked growth across their businesses.

Incrementality measurement helps advertisers understand the true impact of their ads by connecting the dots from people-based marketing to business outcomes. Using randomized control tests, performance “lift” is calculated by comparing outcomes from two different groups of people: those who've been exposed to an ad or ad variable, and those who haven't. The results help advertisers identify how much business value is driven by an isolated tactic, making them critical for determining which media investments are most effective. By isolating a variable such as creative or audience in experimental conditions, and then connecting it to business results, advertisers can determine effectiveness and shift budgets and tactics to improve future ad performance.

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  1. Risk of Last Click Attribution
  2. Create new demand with Incrementality
  3. How you can start today to shift to Incrementality

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Osamu Kanai Digital Marketing Department Marketing Division Executive Manager Recruit Jobs Co., Ltd.
Tomohiko Sugiura Executive Officer, Head of Advertising Dentsu Digital Inc.
Junichi Nakamura Head of Marketing Science Facebook Japan

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