Carla Alejandra SánchezArmas García

Coordinator of Country Brand at the Presidency of Mexico, Carla Sánchez Armas, is in charge of planning and executing strategies to strengthen Mexico’s image abroad, enhancing coordination between Federal Government, local governments, and private sector.

With a professional expertise in Media Relations and International Communications, some of her previous endeavors in the public sector include: General Director of International Media at the Presidency of Mexico (2015 – 2016), General Director of Communication for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (2012) in which she developed the Communications Strategy for the G20 Summit in Los Cabos, Deputy General Director of International Media for the Presidency of Mexico, where her main achievement was executing the area’s reengineering and creating the International Media Monitoring Center for the Presidency of Mexico (2011-2012), and Liaison for International Media and Official Visits for the Presidency of Mexico (2010 – 2011).

She was a Local Deputy to the 4th Legislative Term at the Assembly of the Federal District and founder of the Parliamentary Alliance to fight hunger in Latin America along with the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations. Her parliamentary experience includes the creation and approval of law initiatives such as Substantive Equality for Women and Men, Domestic Partnership in Mexico City, Integral Sexual Reassignment, Legal Termination of Pregnancy, Access to a Violence Free Life for Women, General Law of Mercantile Establishments, amongst others. Carla holds a BA degree in International Relations by Mexico’s Universidad Iberoamericana.