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Brand Safety was a hot topic in 2017, sparking a re-thinking of video advertising across digital and television. Attention data has become a key performance indicator in that context. TVision Insights, the leader in TV attention measurement, and Oracle (Moat), a digital viewability measurement company, will join our panel to share insightful data. Nippon Television and Presentcast (TVer Operator) will also share their views, adding the broadcaster and agency perspective. The panel will also discuss data-driven TV advertising in the US, also called ‘Advanced TV’, and share their expectation and challenges in Japan.


Yan Liu CEO/Co-founder TVision Insights, Inc.
Toru Sasaki General Manager, Oracle Data Cloud Oracle
Hisaya Suga COO Presentcast
Hideaki Takahashi Senior Director Sales Promotion and Strategy Sales Division Nippon Television Network Corporation
Takuya Watanabe President and CEO Media Japan Network

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