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Disruptor Series features people who have changed the world by Disruption®. This session, focuses on marketing and features two top marketers in Japan.

The speaker and guest is Tsuyoshi Morioka, CEO of “Katana,” the group of Marketing professionals. He made a V-shaped recovery of the Universal Studios Japan(USJ) which had been on the verge of collapse through his originally invented and developed marketing idea “Morioka Method.” After his mission was completed at USJ, he set up his company “Katana” with the aim of energizing Japan through “marketing.”

We also have Shinsuke Konoha from P&G, who introduced the novel “GELBALL” laundry detergent to the typical powder and liquid detergent market. With the placement/concept of “The Third Detergent” he brought an entirely new format and usage of laundry detergent to this country. The further evolved “GELBALL 3D” has now brought the concept of “freshness of active ingredient” to its central placement concept. By breaking the conventions of the laundry detergent category, he has managed to sell more than 100 million GELBALL and GELBALL 3D in Japan, over a mere 3 years.  

Our two esteemed speakers will be joined by Kazoo Sato, Chief Creative Officer of TBWA\HAKUHODO.
What keys to disruption lie in the hearts and minds of two remarkable individuals? Let’s find out.

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Tsuyoshi Morioka CEO Katana Inc.
Shinsuke Konoha APAC Fabric Care Brand Director Procter&Gamble International Operations
Kazoo Sato Chief Creative Officer/Executive Creative Director TBWA\HAKUHODO

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