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The three professionals of the marketing will make various recommendations to optimize the "place, money, time", which is the biggest challenge in the marketing industry, such as advertisement and PR.
With the advent of "Madison" which shakes the marketing industry, it became available in real time of distribution of nationwide TV advertisement and audience ratings and also, it became possible to grasp the movement of competition as well as the company itself.

What You'll Learn from This Session...

  1. Optimization of "place, money, time", which is the biggest challenge in the marketing industry
  2. How will advertising change due to the appearance of nationwide television advertisement distribution and viewer ratings appearing in real time?
  3. In addition, as information of mass media that was the last piece in the topic data driven marketing was converted into data, scientific marketing coordinated precisely with other information such as digital, other media, purchasing, finance etc. How will


Tetsuya Honda President & CEO BlueCurrent Japan
Masayasu Ariyoshi CEO PTP Inc.,
shiroyuki dobashi Managing Executive Officer Delphys

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