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By looking at how our current city has evolved from the past and how the people gathered in it has changed, we can better understand our future society and culture in a chronological series.

The audience will reflect on their own city or area and realize how important it is to understand how their city in which they live in has changed over time, and passing this information on to next generations in accessible form is, to society and cultural activities in the future.This time we will invite members of “1964 TOKYO VR”, who are experts in various genres who have come together under the concept of “rebuilding the history and landscapes using the most recent 3D/VR technology to leave a cityscape for the future”.

Currently, for the upcoming Tokyo Olympics 2020, the team is recreating the scenes of Tokyo in 1964 when the last Tokyo Olympics were held, and is preparing to provide archives to various companies and organizations.

In this edition, we will be discussing about how this specialized team came together across various industries for this new project, and talk about how they hope to pass on “memories of the city” on to future generations, by demonstrating the some actual contents.


Daisuke Nagata Director 1964 TOKYO VR / DISTNAT DRUMS Inc.
Seiichi Saito Representative Director 1964 TOKYO VR / Rhizomatics co., Ltd.
Toshio Tsuchiya Representative Director 1964 TOKYO VR / Nippon Television Network Corporation

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