Hiroshi Goto

Tribeck Group CEO ( Tribeck Strategies / Tribeck Proffesional Sevice / Tribeck Brand Strategy Institute )
Prior to Tribeck, he worked for Softbank as a marketing management consultant. He has authored more than 100 articles and 3 books such as Digital Marketing and Owned Media Strategy.
Keio University, BA in Political and Law Science

2001  Softbank, New Business Marketing Div.
2009  Executive Management, Tribeck Strategies, Inc.
2011   Division COO, Tribeck Strategies, Inc.
2012  Member of Cabinet Secretariat National Strategy Room,
    Digital Marketing Consultant
2014  CEO, Tribeck Strategies, Inc.
2016  CEO, Tribeck Professional Service, Inc.
2017   CEO Tribeck Brand Strategy Institute, Inc.
    Group CEO