Leo Lewis

Leo Lewis is the Financial Times’ Tokyo correspondent, appointed in 2015.
He covers financial markets, investment, banking and a broad sweep of
Japanese industry from the largest corporate names to the microcap stocks
that form the backbone of the country’s SME economy.
He is a regular writer for the Short View and Market Insight columns.
Leo’s experience of Japan and Asia is extensive – before becoming a
journalist and working in London for the Independent on Sunday newspapers,
he graduated in Oriental Studies at University of Oxford and was awarded a
Toyota Trevelyan scholarship in 1996.
He is fluent in Japanese and has working-level Mandarin Chinese.
In 2003 he returned to Japan as the Tokyo Business Correspondent for
The Times (of London) and later became Asia Business Correspondent,
leading business and economic coverage of the Asian region and travelling
extensively. In 2010 he left Tokyo to spend almost five years as Beijing
bureau chief for The Times, covering China during an electrifying period that
saw the rise of Xi Jinping and the downfall of Bo Xilai. Leo is a regular
contributor to TV and radio broadcasts, providing analysis on Japan and the
broader region. He is the co-author of Japanamerica - a book that
investigated the globalisation of Japanese pop culture.