Keiko Hamada

Beginning her career in 1989 at the prestigious newspaper company, the Asahi Shimbun Co., Keiko was transferred to the weekly magazine AERA in 1999 after experiencing branch offices at Maebashi, Sendai and the Weekly Asahi. As a journalist, she has specialized in covering world news and the issues seen of the modern female career and lifestyle. Keiko has been at site for both 9.11 and the Iraq War. Becoming the deputy editor in 2004, deputy editor in chief, Keiko became AERA’s first female editor in chief.
During her term as editor in chief at AERA, she has innovated the classic magazine, collaborating with online media and inviting outside editors to produce special articles.
From May 2016 to March 2017, she has also produced projects “On Career x Childrearing,” “WORKO ! ” and symposiums such as “Career Paths” as producer at the Comprehensive Producing Office at the Asahi Shimbun Co.
Starting April 2017 Keiko is now the Japanese supervising editor in chief of an online business news media that spans over 14 countries worldwide.
She will be continuing commentary at TV programs “Shinichi Hatori Morning Show” and “the Sunday Morning” and lectures on topics including but not limited to diversity and labor reform.