Nadya Kirillova

Born in Leningrad, USSR and raised around the world, Nadya settled in Japan and joined Dentsu in 2007. With a grounding in copywriting she is a creative situated at the crossroads between new and traditional advertising. Intermixing storytelling, digital and interactive with product and service development, her enduring mission is to seek out new creative possibilities. She has worked for a broad range of clients in projects such as ‘Connecting Lifelines’ and ‘Sound of Honda/Ayrton Senna 1989’ for Honda’s Internavi, ‘Two will’ for Sony’s Sony tablet, ‘Car Radio-Personality’ for Tokyo FM, and ‘2012 Tokyo IMF World Bank Group Annual Meetings’ for the Ministry of Finance. She was awarded the Titanium Grand Prix in Cannes, Black Pencil at D&AD, the Grand LIA, Golds at Clio and Oneshow, five Grand Prix at Spikes Asia, and the Grand Prix at Japan Media Arts Festival.