Stanislav Vecera

Date of Birth: December 28, 1969
Birth Place: Rymarov, Czech Republic
Education: Mendel University, Czech Republic (Graduate in 1992)

1991 Sales Representative (Czech Republics)
1993 Customer Marketing Manager (Czech Republics)
1995 Sales Manager (Slovakia)
1997 Account Executive (USA)
1998 Sales Country Manager (Czech Republic)
2001 CBD Manager, Central Europe South (Hungary)
2003 Beauty Care Market Strategy & Planning Manager (Singapore)
2005 General Manager, West & East Africa(Nigeria)
2009 General Manager, South & East Africa (Republic of South Africa)
2011 Vice President, South Africa and Expansion Market, East & West Africa (Republic of South Africa)
2015 President, Representative, Procter & Gamble Japan (Japan)