Koichiro Shima

Born in Tokyo in 1968. Joined Hakuhodo in 1993 and assigned to the Corporate Communication Division (current Public Relations Strategy Division). Working in corporate information strategy, he created many corporate websites just as the Internet was getting going. In 2001, he was temporarily assigned to Asahi Shimbun Company. He was the Editorial Director for the newspaper “SEVEN” sold at Starbucks Coffee among others. From 2002 to 2004, he was the Chief Editor for Hakuhodo’s publication “Kokoku.” In 2004, he helped to start up “Honya Taisho (Book Award).” He is currently the Director of NPO Honya Taisho Executive Committee. In 2006, he founded "Hakuhodo Kettle," a company that conducts communications not bound by existing methodologies. In 2012, he opened "Honya B&B," a joint business with Shintaro Uchinuma, in Shimokitazawa, Tokyo. Main business accounts: Corporate advertising for Shiseido, Isetan Mitsukoshi, and J-WAVE; Chief Editor of culture magazine “Kettle”.