Masataka Yoshikawa

The Institute of Media Environment Hakuhodo DY Media Partners Inc.
Born in 1965. Joined Hakuhodo after graduating Keio University Faculty of Business and Commerce in 1989. After working as a marketing planner and Hakuhodo Foresight consultant, he was assigned to Hakuhodo Institute of Life & Living in 2004. He has introduced future visions of sei-katsu-sha and marketing in “Attitude Expression Society” (2009), “Extended Offspringhood” (2012), and “Dual Mass” (2014). In 2015, he became the Deputy Director of The Institute of Media Environment and assumed his current position in 2016. His books include “Ashu Miraizu 2010” (2003) and “‘Monosashi’ no Tsukurikata” (2012). He is currently a commentator on NHK Radio 1’s “My Asa Radio: This week’s opinion.”