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YouTube has 43.25 million active smartphone users.* Of course, each one uses YouTube in his/her own way. In this session we will engage in a deep discussion based on the findings of research into the diversifying ways in which people watch on YouTube and on how advertising messages should be delivered.
How should we utilize the continuously evolving YouTube reach simulations and BrandLift metrics? Furthermore, how should we produce creatives that yield results? We’ll present the essence to answer these questions.

* Nielsen Mobile NetView (aggregated on the brand level, including mobile app), number of visitors on smartphones in February 2017
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Tomoki Tange Brand Solutions Expert Google Japan
Takeshi Otsuka Industry Strategy & Sales Development Senior Strategist Google Japan
Atsushi Ishihara Creative Director / Editor Hakuhodo Kettle Inc.
Chika Hoshiyama Creative Division, Art Director / Planner YOMIKO Advertising Inc.

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